My Fish Are Turning A Rusty Orange! Pet of the Month
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Oct 6, 2006
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All of my corys look like some one dipped them in a rusty orange dye. They act fine and are eating normally. They are just the wrong color. They are in the 29g. Water is testing great.
I also have a white molly in my 10g (brackish) that looks the same way. She also is acting fine.
It doesn't seem to have a texture or anything. It just looks like they have been dipped in dye or something.
This has happened today. The only thing I have done to both tanks is add flourish. Will that cause fish to change colors? Do I need to be worried? It isn't streaks either. It looks like easter egg dye on an egg. What could it be? My water is clear and testing better than ever in both tanks. What should I do? They look very strange. I wish I could figure out how to get pictures on here. I have still not gotten it to work.
Please help me figure this out.
Thank you so much in advance

edit: note I added pics
I have been trying for a while. I just can't figure out how to get one on here. I can get them on my computer, but I can't get them from there to here. I computer stupid :blush: ... all the instructions go over my head when it comes to computers. Any chance of simple instructions on how to do it for people who only know how to click and type? If so :good: ... then yes. I would love to be able to post pics on here. I even bought a camera just so I could let yall see things I couldn't explain. I just can't get them on here no matter how hard I try. :shout:
Anyone know computers with alot of patience want to try to help me out? :look:
The easiest way is to go to and sign up for an acount there. Its free and it hosts your pics for you.
Once youve signed up then you click the browse button which then opens up a folder in your computer. You then find the folder that has your pics and then you can upload them.
Once the pic/s have been uploaded you copy the bottom tag and then paste into the thread here.
It keeps saying I need to resize them. Iwent back to the instructions (pinned) again and tried. I used paint shop pro. I got it resized, but it was stuck in that program. I still couldn't get it here. When I saved it it just put a link to paint shop in my pics. That didn't help at all. Yall make this sound so easy, but it isn't.

Do I have to resize before I go to photobucket? If so I am up #### creek because I can't seem to do it.

I will go check it out and see.
Be back later...

I hope this works...



ok... They are way too big, but I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shout: :hyper: :shout:
Any way... as you can sort of see they are the wrong color. They have done this in the last 24 hours. They were much lighter. The albinos were white. They are now orange. The others were off white and are now a rusty orange. Nothing else going on except they are changing color. What could this be?
To be honest I dont know.
The first pic shows it better than the others. If it was the flourish then maybe only use it in the one tank for comparison and see if it does it again.
Are you feeding them anything different recently?
Not yet. I bought some new foods, but I haven't fed them any yet.
Ok. I read that. If I understood it right my iron soaked into the fish instead of being used by the plants. That would be the staining. The next question is will it hurt them, and how long will the staining last?

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