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My first tank, how much oxygen?

Discussion in 'New to the Hobby Questions and Answers' started by WeeMan, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. WeeMan

    WeeMan Member

    Sep 9, 2004
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    Oxford, UK
    Hi my best mate bought me a 30L tank for me b'day 2 months ago and all is well except for recently some of the fish are swimming to the top, gasping for air. Having searched various sites I have been instructed to replace 80% of the water, clean out the filter and clean th gravel. All this has been done, I think that this has happened due to me overfeeding :( However even now a couple are still "gasping". I have 2 blue tail tetras im my tanks and these are the "gasping pair", two swordtails "occasional gaspers", 3 red eye tetra "very occasional gaspers", two six stripe tiger barbs "very occasional gaspers" and one black synodontis cat fish "never gasps". I have done pH tests, Ammonia tests, Nitrite and Nitrate tests and all are fine. I have all natural plants and so I am wondering if I need an air pump?

    PS For some reason couldnt post in any other forums!

    Thanks WeeMan
  2. a1wonder

    a1wonder Member

    May 13, 2004
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    Manitoba, Canada
    Well I think this topic should be moved a bit into the beginner help forum. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I'll tell you a few problems I see.

    Firstly for being a only a 7.5 gal your tank is overstocked what you would like to look at is the adult sizes that fish grow. Not to mention a lot of what you have in your tank are concerned shoaling fish which need at least 5 other of the same species in their tank. Tiger barbs need to be in a grouped of 6 as they are a very aggressive species as you have them. You've mostly likely noticed some fin nipping. A group of six tiger barbs need at least 15gal of water just to themselves.

    Secondly I've never heard of "blue tail tetras" nor could I find such a species in any of my books. Is this the name that the local fish store gave you? See if you can call them tomorrow and give you the scientific name but most likely they are another shoaling fish.

    A 7.5 gal is really not a big enough tank to properly support any of the fish you currently have comfortable to their needs.

    How old was the tank before you put fish into the water? Your fish may be suffering the effects of what is referred to as the cycle (information is stickied in other area of this forum)

    I'd recommend returning your tiger barbs at the very least and if you would like to continue keeping the fish you already own look at purchasing a nice 20 gal tank (if you don't have the money look to buy used in the buy and sell in your local area).

    I'm not sure who instructed you to replace 80% of the water this is going to restart whatever cycle you had going and cleaning your filter and gravel will kill off the beneficial bacteria you've already started to accumulate in your tank. At the very most I'd change 10% of the water a day and only if I had an ammonia spike.

    As for you fish gasping try and purchase an air stone and air pump from your local Wal-Mart (cheapest) or LFS the surface agitation will increase the amount of oxygen in the water.

    If it is possible could you please post your water parameters?

    Best of luck currently and hope to hear from you soon

    By the way :hi: to the forum
  3. asdf

    asdf Member

    Sep 12, 2004
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    i think u should get an air pump and a air stone in that tank

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