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My co2 questions. Please help...


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Jan 11, 2020
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Hey guys. I have recently set up injected co2 in my tank. My setup for a 125g is a 10 lb canister, a Milwaukee instruments regulator, a separate bubble counter because the one that came with the regulator was not steady, silicone airline tubing, a check valve at the top of the tank, and an atomizer diffuser in the tank similar to the one in this video --->
. As I am new to this, I have a few questions...

1). I recently got the atomizer for the first time and I plugged it in and ran it at like 3-4 bps. It worked like a charm and made an unbelievably fine mist. The next day, my drop checker was blue so I checked and the bubble counter was running the same but nothing was coming out of the atomizer. If I turned the bubble count up to like 15, then the airline tubing on the check valve popped off. If I put it back on again, it will work again if i turn the bubbles up high enough but then the next day it stops again. I'm almost positive I don't have a leak because the system is not old and it worked perfectly fine with my last diffuser. Do you guys think this is because of the pressure of my regulator or something, or the check valve, or the diffuser or something? If you think you know something that may be wrong, please let me know.

2). Next, I am curious about the quality of my milwaukee instruments regulator. I have heard that people have not liked it, It seems to have plenty of bad reviews, and many have said that it is unstable and can randomly let extra pressure through and gas the fish. This leaves me skeptical. In my personal experience, It seems difficult to set at a certain pressure and I will sometimes need to sit there for 20 minutes or so trying to get it to be the right bps without shooting extra co2 pressure out the "valve thing on the side that releases pressure when there is too much in the regulator but not enough coming out of the needle valve" (not sure what to call that). Also, like I mentioned, the bubble counter was screwy so I had to hook up another in-line one. It also seems that if I set the bps once, it will be less bps the next day. For example if I set it for like 5 one day, it might be 3 when I wake up the next day. So with all this in mind, do you guys think this regulator is not very good? Or do any of you know from experience that it sucks? Or is it a good one and I am just experiencing normal difficulties and the regulator is fine? If you believe the regulator is faulty, please tell me if you know of any good, high quality regulators that you would recommend.

Thank you all for your feedback of all kinds. I am kinda desperate for information because I have already spent the money on the co2 system and want to make it work maximally.

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