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I am going to be moving my 55 gal. acrylic with a 10" red-belly from minnesota to flordia. I have moved my tank before, but this trip will take about 35 hrs. or so. Is it going to be too much strain on the fish for a move that far??
Had enough of winter in Minnesota eh? :lol:

Fish are shipped all over the world, but of course there are always risks. I don't see why it shouldn't survive the move. A few things that come to mind are... I would keep the tank completely covered and dark, it will help reduce stress. Monitor the temperature closely, it could change drastically during the move, and be prepared to adjust if neccessary.
I've heard storys from people about moving their Piranahs, and their heaters breaking down. Piranahs are pretty hardy fish :D my suggestion is get a styrofoam container atleast 1ft cubed, put the piranah in a LARGE (and when I say large I don't mean the largest bag you LFS store has to offer, I mean something like a clear garbage bag) and fill it 1/3 full of water, pick up some of those hand warmer pads from walmart or somewhere, get like 8 of them, stop every 10 hours and replace the 2 old ones, or just leave them in there for extra heat, that way not matter what the water should retain some of it original temperature. Also as far as feeding him goes on the trip he probablly won't eat :lol: you might want to check up the laws in Florida about piranahs because I know some states don't allow them in fear of people releasing them into the enviroment. Good luck moving and have a safe trip :D
Not sure if it works this way, but you might get in trouble if you cross into a state where they are contraban...

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