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Miraculous recovery or too good to be true?


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Aug 6, 2023
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This little guys has been discoloured since he got stuck between a rock and the aquarium glass (which I have since moved.) So maybe it's scar tissue. Behaviour wise, he has always been exactly like the others in the school. Maybe this is only noticeable since he is discoloured, but he is one of the greediest fish in his group 😂

Anyways, yesterday sometime (not sure if it was a few hours, or less or more) I noticed that he would stop moving and then sink a little and turn belly up. I probably saw him do it 6ish times in the span of 10 minutes. I thought there was no way he'd survive and that his time was up. (Video of this:
I was messaging a good friend of mine and he said that there was a very very small chance that it could be a digestive issue. I do not like having to euthanize fish (luckily I have only had to do that once) so I was eager to give this guy every chance that I could.
I moved him to my empty but established QT tank, went to bed and hoped for the best.

His tank light was off until the afternoon and while I have not been watching him constantly, I have not seen him go belly up once. Now he seems to behave normally from what I can tell. If he stops swimming he tilts the tiniest bit backwards but since he's on his own, I can't tell if that's normal. (Video from 30 minutes ago:

He has not been fed today, nor has the group in the main tank.
Did he eat too much of the bloodworm I fed the group, and recover? Or is this wishful thinking and he's still on his way out?
Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated!
Saved through the miracle of farting, I suspect. I don't know if the site filters will let that through - but his swim bladders are filled from intestinal gas, and if the gas in there gets blocked, they over-inflate. I haven't seen it often, but he's not the first I've spotted. Over the 50+ years I've had fish, I've seen miracle that half a dozen times.

So it could be random (who among us hasn't suddenly lost equilibrium after thanksgiving dinner and floated around the ceiling while the family ran away?) or it could be a sign of a bowel structure problem, which you can do nothing about. If he (looks like a he) is back to normal, celebrate. About half of mine that did this never did it twice.
Saved through the miracle of farting, I suspect.
I really hope that's the case! I'd like to put him back with the others if I can. Do you think I could? I can take him back out if it happens again I suppose 🤞 🤞 🤞
Update: The fish seems fine, and he's back in the planted 105L with his buddies. Thanks for your help Gary E :)
To use an old expression, hey, it was a gas!
I wonder if there was an ammonia spike in the quarantine tank when the fish relieved itself? Did you hear a big bubble sound? Or was it a "silent, but violent" one as we said in school?

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