Medication - Maracyn


Fish Crazy
Jan 4, 2010
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Wilder told me to post this question here since many of you have used this medication before...

I'm using Mardel Maracyn in my tank as recommended by several people for an issue I'm having...

the directions are to use 2 cap fulls per 10 gallons of water (so 30 gallons would be a total of 6 cap fulls) on day 1, day 3 and day 5. and that's all the directions say other than, may make the water cloudy for 30 minutes... which it did, but the cloudiness is gone. It also says filter and aerate as normal.

do I do water changes on day 3 and 5 before redosing, or do I wait to do a water change until day 7 (When I presume the treatment should be over)... then re medicate if needed?

I already did a water change prior to adding the first dose.