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Sep 4, 2017
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We just purchased this little guy week ago. Were are now noticing a red patch behind/top of front gill. What could this be and how do i treat? We have had no problems with any of our others were have raised do not sure what this is.
How big is your tank, is it cycled and exactly what fish do you have? Have you tested the water? Is there any way you can get a picture?

Sorry for all the questions, but we can't diagnose what might be wrong just from the information you've given.
Thank you for responding. Our grow out tank is75 fall. Currently he/ she lives with7 silver dallors, 5 angels and 3 bristle nose. Out tank has been up and running for about 2 years. Our plans is for him to go into our 120 gal. I attached PiC of water test i just did. I also attached pic of my other goby in my200 gal.


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Do you have a guard on your heater? Could he have been attacked? Angels can be very aggressive, if they take a dislike to something, and BNs can be quite rough too (they're not what I'd call aggressive, but they do argy bargy amongst themselves quite roughly, and if they treated to goby the same way, it could have come off for the worse).
We watch them all the time and have never seen them even acknowledge him. My heater does have a guard for safety. Note that he had two spots i don't want to loose him. If a bactieral infection what would you recommend using. I have been using1 with no success our nod change.

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