Major help needed!!



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Aug 5, 2020
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Woodbridge va
I forget which thread we're dealing with, is there ich as an issue currently? If theres ich then it needs to be 86°f

If not then mid 70s would be better:)
Ok, doing a water change now, and then will adjust temp down... I have no idea if any of my fish have ich! My thread is the completely messed up tank !! Thanks so much for all the help!


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Aug 27, 2017
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By filter media I’m not sure what you mean! I change the filter cartridge when the dial on my filter turns red. I rinse it in old tank water. It’s just a box of filter cartridges from the pet store. ....

My goldfish is large. I’d say about 5-6 inches.... the pet store recommended him as a companion for my betta because goldfish are “peaceful and bettas don’t Really enjoy being alone”
When was the last time you changed your filter cartridge?
In future, don't change your filter cartridge again.
Else, you will lose all your beneficial bacteria and you will have to restart your tank cycling again.

Anyway, your filter cartridge has activated carbon which need to be removed during medications.
Cut a small slit to remove all the carbon inside the cartridge.
The carbon is useless and is only useful when you want to remove medication after medicating your tank.

You can plan to replace your filter cartridge with a sponge pad which is better than the filter cartridge in my opinion.
So, please insert a sponge pad into your filter. Put it next to the filter cartridge(side by side).
Leave it for at least 1-2 months. After 1-2 months, you can dispose off your filter cartridge.
You can add more pieces of sponge pad if there are still space inside the filter.
But remember, in future, never replace your sponge pads.

You can watch the video below on how they used a sponge pad for their filter.



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Aug 4, 2020
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I have zero advice but I'm currently dealing with tank nightmare so just wanted to share empathy. You sound so stressed out & I'm sorry you got bad advice. That goldfish is gorgeous & you tank looks really nice. I'm sure everyone can help you sort things out and at least you've a second tank option for the Betta.

If you look at the threads here for tank of the month you'll find great inspiration. I found this forum so helpful for my added fish too soon disaster.

Hope everything goes ok :)

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Jul 22, 2020
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I can move the betta, ... what do I need to test the water hardness? Test kit I have only shows these:
PH: 6.6
High range PH: 7.0
Ammonia: 0.50ppm
Nitrite: 0.25ppm
Nitrate: 0ppm
You don't need to buy anything else to test the hardness, go to your local water authorities website and look for the water quality report. Most let you type in your postcode and find out what the water is like in your specific area. Read this thread, to help understand why we need numbers rather than just whether the water company says it's hard or soft :) If you're not sure which numbers you need, take a screenshot, and members here can tell you what the GH and KH are for your water, and which of the fish you have can cope well in your water, and which might be better returned to the store or rehomed. I only learned about the hardness issue last week myself, and I've had a tank for a year, so don't feel bad, and try not to feel overwhelmed, it's not your fault you were given such bad advice.
My goldfish is large. I’d say about 5-6 inches.... the pet store recommended him as a companion for my betta because goldfish are “peaceful and bettas don’t Really enjoy being alone”
I'm sure you've since discovered that this is nonsense of the highest order. Betta are fiercely territorial, and prefer to be alone, it's how they live in the wild. Betta are also a tropical species that like it warm, while goldfish are a coldwater fish that will struggle in the same temperature as the betta needs. They're also poop machines that require huge tanks and like the company of other goldfish, but the fact the person said bettas need company, and to keep two species with completely opposite temperature requirements together - let alone anything else - I'm banging my head on my desk for you, I really am. How willing/able are you to set up different tanks or rehome/return some of these fish? Are there any that you/your child are really attached to, and we should focus on what you need to keep those specific fish? Like the betta? @Deanasue is our goldfish expert, she can provide a lot of guidance.

Try not to panic too much about diseases yet, most things are treatable if they turn out to have any. But for now, you have a lot going on, and an uncycled and crashing tank would kill them faster than most any disease they might have. Focus on doing those large (75% for now) water changes whenever you see ammonia or nitrite above zero, and figuring out the filter. Cartridges that you replace every month are an expensive waste, and not as good as using plain on sponges that you rinse out in tank water or clean declorinated water, which will last for years and won't crash your cycle the way replacing cartridges can.

Then we can address which fish you can comfortably house and want to keep, and how to do that.

Then we can tackle treating any diseases.

Big deep breaths, and I'm sorry you had such a rough introduction to the hobby! It can be peaceful and relaxing, once you get over this rough start, I promise, and it isn't your fault you trusted their advice, it makes sense to trust them, they should know! But sadly, they frequently don't, and they made a lot of money off of giving you terrible advice.


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Oct 29, 2018
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Hi! Regarding your goldfish...he needs to be in temperature of 65-75F. Please take him out and put him in a 30G tank with no tropical fish. I say a 30G tank because you need 30G for first fancy goldfish and 20 for each additional one. Then you can get him a friend. Either that or re-home him. He won’t make it in a heated or warm water tank. If he’s itching it could be stress or ich. Check to be sure he does not have white spots on him. Poor baby. This can all be fixed. Breathe!


May 5, 2004
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Yes! Once I started realizing it just wasn’t working anything they said, I started googling and I wanted to go wrong their ****ing necks! I was never intending on buying so much! Or so many fish! But they kept pumping stuff onto me! All I wanted was to keep my daughters betta alive! I sure dug myself a hole here!
Sorry, that really sucks, its sad that there are so many fish stores out there just to make a buck:(