Lost two angels in two days

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Jun 28, 2004
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I purchased a angel for my tank on Friday, and saturday morning it was died - wedged under my driftwood. I returned and received a new one, and it too died today, again wedged under the same piece of drift wood. Are they just sinking after dying (and if so, any idea what's killing them) or are they simply crushing themselves under the wood? Is there anything special I should know about Angels and my tank setup?
Have you cycled your tank. Angels are very sensitive to ammonia and nitrates.
for about 2 months now... All three (Am, Ni, Na) test at zero
is your water to cold? cuz the heater my tank originally came with wasent strong enough to heat it so my angels would get cold and hide under the driftwood to conserve heat.. and maybe yours are gettin stuck....
Sorry bigphesta about your angels.
I was thinking ..... how do you acclimatize your fish?Maybe need to give it a bit longer using H2O conditioners with aloe vera,making it easier for them to get used to the new environment.
I donno,something is obviously not right.Do you have other fish in the same tank,and are they acting normaly?I mean,are they acting vividly,swimming side to side and seem very anxious when feeding?I just want to know if it isn't the angels themselves that are sick....

Just let us know if you find out what's going on... :(

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