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Nov 14, 2003
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Today, when I was walking my dog in the park, by the creek I found the craziest thing. I saw these 2 bags floating, so I went to take a closer look. I thought it was just garbage, but then something moved from inside. I bent down and picked it up and guess what I saw?! A single long finned zebra danio, and a little fiddler crab (as far as I can tell on that one) I took them home and seperated them, letting the zebra danio get used to the warmer temp in my tank with the reg. danios and looked up/ set up a habitat for the crab. I was fumming! Isn't that crazy?! Later, when the fishies and the crabby patty seemed to be ok I walked back to see if maybe someone dropped them off to get them later (I know, crazy thought) but no one has been at the park all day because school started...
:crazy: :eek: :fun: :( -_- :fish:
Wow, how crazy is that?? I'm gald you came along and got them though. I wonder what happened that they ended up there. Well, good luck with your new crab :thumbs:

So much for me not getting any more fish! :rolleyes:
Why would anybody bag up some fish and throw them in the (cold) creek? :S
Thanks! Guess I'm gonna go get a new tank & some other stuff for the crab. He's pretty cool, actually.
i think they were being abandoned :( the poor crabby and danio :( i would be careful to quaratine them befure you add them to your main tank :) just as precuation...who knows what they went through in thier old home :S
Yea, I have this thing that betta's are usually kept in, it hangs on the inside of the tank so it stays heated, but the water and the fish are seperated from the whole tank. I'm thinking the danio will be ok in there for a little while until I know he's fine.
Some people make me sick!
I'm glad that you have adopted these poor guys :D
good luck and keep us posted on their progress
Well done you and well spotted :clap:.

On the plus side the little fellas's couldn't have got luckier really, they found you.


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