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Oct 11, 2006
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hi i was wondering if anyone in the uk has bought live rock from maidenhead aquatics as im doing a brutally honest tally chart to see how much i need to save. (i would need 5kg+)

also because my grandad is so brilliant and has absouloutely everything he has 4 huuge acrylic sheets and i have one that im going to make into a false back for my aqua one - aqua start 500. I was thinking pretty much the same as a nano cubes filteration. alls i need to now though is what filter media should i buy and what do you all use? im seeing if i can finance this aswell because it will be much easier in the brief period where it is empty rather than when set up.

Help is very much aprreciated and look forward to reading in the morning (god i hate living in uk coz all answers are usualy of americans and when i go to bed and put my last posts on i have to wait till morning to find out replies :()
uuum, I think that most people don't use any filtration in their false backs, maybe modded into a refugium for chaeto or something? or LR rubble, tbh I'd like to see it as it would be awesome to make one :D
okay infact if i think about it if i use my 500lph pump i currently have for in the back then thats £20 saved. i wont need any cash for acrylic. chaeto i think is only about £10. could whack some phosphate eliminator media in there. but then we come to live rock rubble i havnt a clue how much it will cost. i think ill ring aroun my 2 fav stores and see who has the best price. also what can i use to paint the clear acrylic blakc or blue? or should just buy a roll of the blue background things you get? wow im full of questons today

oh heres a simple drawing of the thing im thinking of for the fake back

i think id have to make the seperators taller to get more water in there. But do you think this would work because the powerhgead would pull the water through. wouldnt it ? lol
wow i think this is the most replies to a thread ive made. It feels guurd :p
Lol, yeah ask around the other somewhat senior UK members, I know they share chaeto when needed :)
or some people on this forum might have some spare, it grows fast and has to be trimmed all the time otherwise it releases all the nitrates back in to the water :eek:

Where did you get that info? I thought they consume Nitrate, not release it. The only process where I can think they would ever release nitrate back into water is if the Cheato started breaking down.
Yeah, Chaeto doesn't release nitrates back into the water readily at all. Sometimes Culerpa can release spores which break down quickly, but not Chaeto
phew. i was gonna say thats a bit crap considering so many recomend it. And also what paint could i use and it would be for IN the water. Also anyone bought rock from maidenhead aq?
ooops sorry about that, I thought it went sexual?

No, Caulerpa sp. can go sexual (sexual reproduction). But Cheatomorpha doesnt, THATS why its so highly recomended. :nod: If something alters in water chemistry, or if your light regime changes, and your particular macro (ie Caulerpa sp.) becomes stressed, its natural instinct is to reproduce and try and conserve its future, and it does this buy sexual reproduction, which leads to a highly polluted tank. This also can occur at anytime and is highly un-predictable, thats why its dangerous. :good:

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