Linkandnavi - May 2022 Tank of the Month Winner (31 Gal & Larger)

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Sep 23, 2013
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We have a winner in
May 2022 Tank
of the Month Contest
We had 8 awesome tanks entered in this month's TOTM contest featuring tanks sized at 31 gallons and larger but only one could win...
And the winner is.......
Let's all congratulate them
Here's the winning tank and its description

Tiger Barb Tank

This is is 731l (193 US gallon) Tiger Barb tank.

The tank was built to spec for my by Ornamental Aquaculture in the UK to fit the space in one end of my garden office. Took two attempts as they dropped the first one taking it off of the delivery van, cracking one corner... Just before Christmas holidays and as Covid picked up again. So a bit of a delay while they rebuilt it and arranged a new delivery but got there in the end. 179cm length, 67cm height, 61cm depth.


The tank is running a Fluval FX6, with a powerhead at the right side for a more even water flow across the front of the tank. There are two Fluval Aquasky lights up top on a timed cycle with gradual fade in/out at the start of the day. Neither are on full light at any time. There's an air pump running four air stones on a timer and co2 injection during lights on hours, approximately.

Heaters are two Eheim Jager 300w.


This is predominantly a Tiger Barb tank, with approximately 60 tiger barbs of the "normal", green and albino varieties.

There's also a rainbow shark, 12 cherry barbs, a bristlenose pleco and a handful of nerite snails.

Plants and hardscape:

There's a large piece of corbo root on the left hand side, which is hollow and creates a cave the rainbow shark, both inside and beneath it's "legs". Another piece of corbo root on the right is largely hidden by plants but is a hollow log and creates a large second cave.

Along much at the rear of the tank are a large number of Amazon Swords, particularly on the left. On the far right at the rear is. vallisneria spiralis tiger, which is the long grass reaching to the top and then drifting along the surface in the current. There's also a Aponogeton Ulvaceus at the rear right, which is a bulb plant. That flowered for several weeks, sending up long shoots that found the small spaces in the cover glass and sent up purple flowers above the tank. It's entered a dormant phase at the moment, so they've retreated.

Various varieties of Java fern are attached to the hardscape, both the wood and the large pieces of dragonstone throughout the tank.

There are a number of small crypts dotted around the shady areas and in the centre is the red lotus lily with the beautiful large red leaves which spread out and provide shade.

The floating plants at the top left are water sprite.

Hope you all enjoy.

I have four tanks which meet the requirements of this month's competition so was a real struggle choosing which one to put forward 🙂
Congrats to @Linkandnavi with their awesome 193 gallon Tiger Barb tank. Well done, Linkandnavi!
Coming in 2nd place is @fishjasonle with his 150 gallon floating island tank with sand fall feature. Very unique setup!
And coming is 3rd place is @Boundava with their 125 gallon nicely aquascaped tank. Great driftwood! Nice job!

Thanks to all members who participated in this Tank of the Month contest.

Right now we are accepting entries for our Pet of the Month contest. If you have a pet besides fish, please enter your pet in the contest. Click link below to view the entry thread:
All three (and most of the others) deserved my vote, but Fishmanic wouldn't let me vote more than once. :mad: If anybody tells you that mods get special privileges, it's a lie.
Thanks everyone, much appreciated.

And a massive congratulations to all the other entrants too. Those tanks are stunning 👍
Congrats on the win...! :rock::rainbow::banana3::dreads:
And also congrats to the runner ups...

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