Kind Of Strange Blue Ram Question...


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Jan 4, 2010
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okay... this is a serious question... I had 2 German Blue Rams. They were a gift from my mom because she knew I always wanted a tank with Blue Rams. (She bought me a tank as well). I have to admit I wasn't sure I was ready for them because they are difficult to keep, but I was kind of stuck at that point. Surprisingly, despite being novice... They did very well... until an EX! Friend lied to me saying they were taking care of my tank while I was on vacation, even though they weren't (thus why I say EX friend)... and one of my rams was dead when I got home and the other had pop-eye.

I worked for weeks to save the other one, and was successful. His eye was never the same, but his color came back, and he seemed to eat really well again. The only problem was I had such a large tank and he spent probably 90% of his time in his Cichlid hiding cave, so I never saw him. 6 months after pulling him out of the mess my ex friend left him in, I never saw him swimming around and it was such a shame because I enjoyed watching him and his tank mate swim when I first got them.

I decided I wanted to get a few more fish for the tank and looked up compatible fish. I ended up getting 2 dwarf Gouramis, 3 sparkling Gouramis, 2 flame dwarf Gouramis and 2 honey dwarf Gouramis (although 1 arrived dead, so really there is only 1.)

They are all doing great but one thing I noticed... my Blue ram has started coming out of his cichlid cave and chumming around with the 2 flame dwarf gouramis. They swim everywhere together. He rarely hides now, and he has shown no signs of territorial behavior. He seems to enjoy swimming around with these two specific fish. He leaves the others alone.

So here is the weird question...

was my Blue Ram maybe hiding because he was missing his tank mate? Can fish get lonely? cause it's just weird that I never saw that fish except during feeding time, now he never hides.


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Dec 24, 2010
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I'm no expert but i guess fish can get lonely?

I've had similair thing happen with gold rams & keyholes when there 'friend' has died,
they go from swimming around full of life to been 'depressed' you could say?

When 1 of my keyholes died the other just kinda stayed behind a plant and only came out for food like you mentioned.
I then moved him into a tank with a bunch of cardinals & a ram and he kind of came 'back to life' B-)

I miss my keyhole now :sad: lol.


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