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*~*MaRiK oN FiRe*~*

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Aug 10, 2004
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Shadow Realm
Hey guys! :D Im new to TFF and I need to get to know you guys... B)

I have a 28 gallon tank and I have 15 fish :S ...:
3 gouramis (Gold, Opaline and Dwarf)
1 Neon Tetra (getting more soon!)
4 Cherry Barbs
2 Angelfish (Gold and Marble)
1 Clown Loach
1 Bristlenose Catfish
3 Red Swordtails

They seem to be fine together and i've had them for a while.

I know quite a bit on freshwater fish but there's more to learn! :p
My dad hardly knows anything though...he's a marine person...i have the tropical freshwater aquarium and he has the marine aquarium.

Anyway, enough about me... :)
hi and welcome to the forums.

What breed is your Bristlenose Catfish? as i know some get real big!!! are they easy to keep? and would they go with cories?
:: salivates over idea of marine aquarium ::

anyway, welcome! swords are cool fish! have fun here :D
:hi: :band: :band: :band: :band:

Welcome to the forum, just thought I would say hello, people here can be very helpful, utilize thier knowledge. See you around!

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