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Just A Few Things To Mention


Jan 13, 2006
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Hi All,

I have had a few things going through my head recently and just wanted to share them so that if they are useful others would benefit. Ill try and keep this brief.

i) As some of you may know Zig introduced me to the Ehiem 2211, which I now have on my nano tank. I just wanted to say that for my very small tank its perfect, BUT the flow rate is very low (there is hardly any water movement in the tank and its only 24" long) so I would have thought that even though its rated for much bigger tanks (upto 150lt according to the Eheim website ) I probably wont use it on anything over 50/60lt as the water flow would just be so slow all the dirt woud sink and not get filtered out (It will of course still provide the denitrifying function on bigger tanks), but for me just a little to 'weak.'

ii) Also to do with my nano. I use 100% eco-complete for the substrate, and the packet says it wont increase KH in the long term. Well Ive had it in my tank for 6ish weeks and its still pushing up the KH so it 6/7 by the time its water change time (having been 4/5 following the last water change). This in itself itsn't a really big problem, I just wanted to say that if anyone uses a pH probe to add CO2, I would be vary careful as the increase in KH will mean the probe adds more CO2 to the tank to get the pH down to the set level. I guess the easiest way round this would be not to use the probe for the first few months, until the KH has settled down.

iii) Lastly, I found this website about aquatic plants. Thought people might find it interesting. At least if you want to you'll be able to make an informed decision now. But I will add, woohoo hornwort is eco-friendly!

Hope this is of help to people :)



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