Is Waterlife Myaxcin Safe To Use With Api Melafix And Pimafix Already


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Feb 1, 2016
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I have 4 shubunkins with blood streaked and some milky white patches on their tail fins and the worst affected one has very shredded fins and has had 2 bouts of blood streaks on its dorsal fin and often keeps it down and only flexes it when feeding. I've been using a combo of melafix and pimafix but can't shift these problems fully although some of the more severe blood streaks in the dorsal fin have gone. Would you recommend using myaxcin and could I combine it whilst using the melafix and pimafix or should I remove these through a water change first. I believe my fish are suffering from a bacterial infection please let me know your thoughts I would really appreciate it
Melafix -
Pimafix -
Myaxcin -
Please see some pics I've uploaded so you can see the milky white patches on their tails, the blood streaks are not very clear in the pics but are present on their tails and there are some white spots as well so I'm wondering if I should try myaxcin over protizin as it deals with fungus and unlike protizin can be used with salt in the water
I've uploaded the original full size photos online which can be viewed here:
Water quality is tested weekly at my local store using their full test kit which measures all values and was scored at 94%
The tank is a Juwel Rio 240L with an Aqua One 850 external filter currently not using active carbon during treatment
There was a salt concentration of 0.08 which has been lowered since I changed another 70 litres although until the weekend I cannot get the levels tested again but I suspect it's approx 0.05 now


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Feb 4, 2013
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Welcome... I Have used Waterlife Myaxzin with some success, however, this was with tropical fish. Hopefully someone with cold water experience can come back to you soon.

In the meantime, can you advise...

How long have the fish been showing this condition?
How long has the tank been established?
Looking at the pics, great by the way, looks like one of them has nodules underneath its scales, is this correct?

I always try and consider what the problem is likely to be before treating. In respect to your thoughts, what bought you to this conclusion?

What do you feed your fish?

Hopefully you will get some help on here, if not there are fish vets available, but I do know they are not cheap!

Good luck, and thanks for asking...


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