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Is this a flagfish?

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Fish Crazy
May 9, 2023
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Perth, Australia
I found what looks to be a flagfish on a youtube video. Is this a Flordia flagfish or is it another species of flagfish? It has blue spotting instead of the colourful spotting of the Flordia flagfish.


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A google reverse image check brings up mostly Jewel fish. They are not always correct.
It's probably a Rubricatochromis species. Until a recent revision, they were in Hemichromis. They're a western/Central African family of very similar, aggressive members of the Cichlid family. In the aquarium, both groups are called Jewel Cichlids.
Flagfish, Jordanella floridae, are killifish, related to the pupfish group. They really resemble Cichlids, and over the years, a lot of people going to pet stores have thought they were Cichlids. It's something called convergent evolution, where completely unrelated species can have very similar body shapes or colours, because what works in nature tends to show up again and again.
The screenshot is kind of grainy, and it could almost be an Anomalochromis too. They are a small Northwest African group related to the jewels, but far more peaceful.

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