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Fish Crazy
Feb 14, 2024
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My name is Carl. I kept fish many years ago. Stopped when a power outage while were away resulted in anything with water in it being frozen.

Last yea Linda and I decided that after a few years of extensive travel it was time to nest. So we chose to build a pond, which we did. After watching the fish grow we caught the bug and purchased a 20 gallon tank. After some trial and error, and with great help from our locally owned fish store we got it running. It currently has some mollies, cats and neon, all happy. The mollies to our surprise had babies. We were able to rescue a few which resulted in a second tank, 10 gallon. After touring some stores and looking at the variety we last week purchased a 37 gallon tank which is currently cycling. We are still in the planning stage for populating it, although for certain the mollies will be moved and the 20 used for either glofish or guppies we think.

I am currently researching what would be involved in constructing a tank to fit against an eight-foot wall area that has a 48 by 42 pass through between our two most used rooms. The tank size would likely be around 6.5 feet long by 2 ft deep and perhaps 21 inches tall. Woodworking has been my hobby for 40 plus years but I have never worked much with glass. If we decide to do this build I will do some reinforcing of the floor of course. Not really a big deal, (that part).

We are old people who try to keep busy and this looks like a fun project to start after finishing the bog this summer.

I know, I know!!! Very wordy intro, but that too is part of being old with free time.
I am not very good at indoor pictures but will ask Linda to take some when she gets home from the spca where she volunteers as needed.

Will certainly post photos of the tank construction as it unfolds. It will not be started until fall though as we have a full load finishing the pond’s bog, a gazebo and pergola during spring and summer. 🕙

At our ages 4 hours is a full day of work at best. We are nearly old enough to run for office.
When taking aquarium photos it is often easier in the long run to just take a video and then stopping the finished video and doing a screenshot of the frame.
Hi and welcome to our forum... :hi:
Increasing the number of tanks, is something we all are familiar with...
Seems unavoidable.

It happened last year with pond that started 7 by 10 and ended at about 2.5 times that size. Then a second pond, a short brook, and a bog.

That will all be expanded soon with a long brook.

The house will fortunately be a limiting factor for tanks. The large one, IF, I can accomplish it will be the end.
Linda took these this morning. She is not entirely happy with the quality but says it will do for today. She is quite tired after helping give 36 dogs exercise, feeding a multitude of dogs and cats, and cleaning the animal quarters over the weekend.

First two are the 20 (4 molly, 3 guppies, 6 neon tetra), third is the 5 (5 molly fry) , and the last are the 37 which is cycling with no fish.


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