Interesting new super easy way to feed Repashi… especially to your aufwuchs eaters

the Hillstreams seem to prefer a flatter surface, but the sticks I have along the ends were really like Hillstream hideouts, they used to be there all the time, but after I added some 3 inch rocks along the bottoms of the Bamboo, they really like the rocks the best... although after adding the pagodas, they are all over those, & I imagine, once they are covered in biofilm, they'll hang out on those most of the times...
The new bamboo bundles chillin with the Repashi… 1st try tonight… the surface is almost waxy, but the deep grooves between stalks, gives some biting edges… also I did the bamboo last, in case it was too hot for the live sticks, so it was just starting to gel, and didn’t go on quite as well as on the wood sticks, before it cooled a little

Mrs. Is at a meeting, I’ll wait for her to get back, unless she’s too late, to feed
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Hooks on the bundles hang them on the top edge of the tank back…
Well, ok… it works, but nothing works as well as my old dried out wood sticks… but I think the biggest issue in the Asian tank, is the sticks end up in the bubble water fall, along the back wall, and the bubbles end up pealing the Repashi offbeat n sheets… everyone still loves it, but out on the open, the Tin Foils make a feast out of it… if I kept a couple of wood sticks wet in a holding tank, and just put them in the Asian tank, while they had Repashi on them, and put them in corners where the air wouldn’t peel it off, and limit the access from the Tin Foils, I think that will be the answer for this tank

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