I'm Sure This Is Somewhere But I Can't Use Search

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Dec 30, 2005
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I'm sorry for asking this as I'm sure somebody has already answered it but I'v asked for help with search and the help I'v gotten and I tried to figure out whats wrong but it just doesn't work for me, he'd search something and I'd search the exact same thing and I would get nothing and he'd get lots of results. Anyways I'm cycling my 2.5 tank again after killing all the snails and I'm wondering if 2-3 male guppies in there would be too much of a bio-load even if I have a good filter, heavily planted, and do lots of water changes? Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Technically, as long as you do water changes, they will be fine. I've never seen a 2.5, so I'm not sure how big they are. As long as you do have good filtration and do very good water changes, the bio-load won't be a problem. :)
They should be ok for bioload but IMO fishkeeping is about a lot more than bioload. A 2.5 gallon is not going to give them much room to swim around and explore as guppies like to do, 2-3 male guppies is not enough to spread potential aggression and if there is an aggression problem the tank isn't big enough for a bullied male to hide.
Ya that's what my main concern was that they wouldn't have enough room. Well I'm going to put a few in there for quarentine before I put them into my main tank because I need some more and my mom won't let me have a quarentine tank. Thanks for the input everybody though.

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