I'm like lazy to look up

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Fish Crazy
Jul 5, 2004
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When my three tetras die, I kinda just want a different fish. Are there any fish as small or smaller that are nice and peaceful? :eek:
In a nutshell, what kind of tetras have you got? And you should really give some kind of idea on what you want before you bombard us with questions.

And how can you be sure they're gonna die soon, wouldn't it be better to ask us when they do die? Your tastes may have changed by then. :nod:
Important question.....why are you being "lazy to look up?" You'll never learn to pick things up until you've picked them up for yourself?

Sorry to sound like I'm having a go at you, but I believe that people learn better if they inject some energy, themselves, into doing it.
you should really look yourself, everyone has there own tastes and we dont have any clue of what kind of fish your looking for.
um, major question here, is there a reason you believe your tetras will be dying soon? do they have disease? do you just not want them anymore so you've stopped caring for them in hopes they'll just die? or have you had them years or what? be good to know the whole story here.......................
I never said they were going to die soon I just want a different kind not the same kind of fish for when they do die in years, of that matter. -_- I'll always take care of them until they die! And i said i want a peaceful small fish small as them or smaller and I don't think there are much types smaller than that. :dunno:

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