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Jul 22, 2020
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CO2 definitely not needed for most low tech plants, there are only a few that require it, and many people wouldn't want their plants to grow as fast as they do with CO2! It means a lot more work, expense, and maintenance since the plants need trimming back all the time.

Tank I set up August 25th, in-vitro grown plants, so most arrived in a tiny pot or blister pack:

I did add a few more plants, but most of this is just growth, exactly a month later:

No CO2, no fancy light - just a cheap £30 one from Amazon, some cheap root tabs and one dose of Tetra Plantamin. You don't have to spend a fortune or go high tech to have a jungle tank if you want one.

Also avoid any of those products that claim to be liquid CO2, especially Seachem's Flourish Excel. Liquid CO2 isn't a real thing, and it's very dangerous to both humans and livestock. Not worth the risk, and not needed.