I'm a new member but old guy ... !

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Feb 26, 2024
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Hello to all !

I'm a new member. ive kept fish as a pre-teen and teenager, then again with my kids a couple decades ago.

I do not currently own an aquarium or any accessories , however i'm considering either a new 55 or 75 gallon set up. i've been doing some research and frankly i'm thoroughly confused with the PH, nitrites, nitrates, ammonia, tank cycling etc etc ... lol ... back in the day it was easy, small tank = less fish & smaller fish... big tank = more fish & bigger fish, lol .... I read the new tank cycling thread which was exactly the type of step by step info i need
I will surely be looking for some direction as i'm consider myself a complete newbie ... I don't have a particular type of fish at this point eacept the "Clown loach" which i've always liked

If any you have any questions for me ask away


Bigger tank easier to control water parameters and more options.

Invest in a python to make your life easier instead of siphoning water through a hose into a bucket to clean your tank like the old days lol


Clown loaches are the best, they're like freshwater dolphins. Can get lost in their own world or be interested in everybody else's business. Mine put on a show everyday and im not sure if they get along with all my other fish or just annoy them like a pesky little brother

Good luck
Hi and welcome to TFF, Mike... :hi:
Once you start keep us posting about the progress...

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