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Jul 19, 2004
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I have asked this before in emergencies and someone mentioned spot/pimple disease

i had ich in the tank and treated and it went away EXCEPT on one angelfish who seems to have a few white spots on the fins and has had them for at least 4 weeks (only had tank 4 and a half weeks)

He also seems to have what looks like it could be scars or marks on the fins (i cant post a picture as it is too big- tried to crop it but wont let me post then) but they look almost like translucent bubbles.

i cant find anything about spot/pimple disease on the net or anywhere. could it be this and what is it?

No other symptons apart form rubbing against plants (only did it twice and the plants were new)

I dont know if its just scars or what, but ive found some old photos and i'm sure there werent as many white marks before (also there seems to be 1 quite large marks on one of the side fins and what looks like a sprinkle of dots on the other side fin) there are a few white spots on the other fins. the body is white so i cant tell if there are any on the body but i'm pretty sure there are not.

Is it worth treating for ich again?

cant out salt in cos of scaleless fish and have no isolation tank (could get small bowl/tank i suppose but dont want to stress him by moving him)

sorry for the essay but i am worried if i just leave it one day i will wake up and he will be dead

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