Ich treatment

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Jul 23, 2004
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North Yorkshire (York Area)
I have heard a lot about ich treatment but most of the products people talk about on here are not available in the UK. Such as Quick Cure and products made by Mardel Labs. all have a great write up, but not available over here -_-

Can any of the british lot advise as to what's best in the UK.

I have just brought home 4 platies and one is showing signs within hours of putting into tank. But its a quarantine tank so I'm not too stressed :unsure:
I understand its quite common when adding new fish and if cought early is not a problem.

Also a good antibiotic to ward of any secondary bacterial infection. I have melafix, is there anything stronger in the UK?

Any advice please? :dunno:
I use King British White Spot control. The key to treatment is patience, you have to continue treating even after the spots have gone to make sure its all gone out of the water.

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