I Need Help..............

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Aug 12, 2003
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Warm and Sunny Arizona
well, with working full time and trying to go back to school to further my education (i intend to be an eternal student), i decided to downsize my tanks to 2 betta and 2 larger (1 dwarf puffer, 1 community), and one lizard tank. i'm now up to 4 betta (soon to be 6 or more), 2 community, 1 brackish, 1 dwarf puffer....................... and classes started up again today..................... i need help. :lol:
i have no more space in my room for more tanks. yet i am still looking at a thirty-fifty gallon tank to go in my room that has no more space. :p
Keep - breathing - now - repeat - after - me -

I - will - not - go - down - to - the - fish - shops - unless - strictly - necessary!

Then meditate for 5-10 mins on the importance of not getting another tank, I'm hoping this isn't a referal case, I may have to pass you on to a proffesional.

BTW, is there an MTS specialist GP (general practition, not GodricPuffer) on here that could help all sufferers?

We may need to set up a specialist ward forum for people like MAM who can't cope anymore!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :dunno:
Hi MAM :)

Don't worry about it. :hyper: MTS might be chronic, but it's rarely terminal. :lol:
no, you don't understand!!!!! this all happened over the weekend!!!! i went from 4 tanks to 8 in just one weekend!!!!!! :rofl: i may not have a terminal case, but its one that refuses to go into and stay in remission!!!!! :rolleyes:

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