I just shot this deer

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Dec 31, 2004
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With a camera of course. It was breakfast time and we have this big all-you-can-eat deer buffet.


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Deer come up to my fishroom window and look in. If it weren't for the ticks, I'd invite them in for a coffee.

There have been a couple of times a deer and I have both looked up, separated only by a pane of glass, and both jumped.

At other times, I have counted as many as 21 in the yard, though I usually only see small groups of 3 to 5 at this time of year. At night, if you shine an LED flashlight out to the long grass, it's all eyes.
We have more deer here than there were when only Native Americans lived here. We have allowed a bow hunter on our property for the last 40 years or so. He puts out motion sensor cameras to know where the deer are travelling. Last year he came by before deer season opened to check the cameras. He stopped into the house to show us the picture of the side of a bear's head the camera caught.

Yesterday as I came out of the storeroom where I have fish tanks there was a baby deer less then two feet from the door and it bolted onto the driveway and then into the woods. The reason I got that shot of the deer looking at the camera was I made a little noise which caused it to look my way for the source of the noise. I got the second shot after it decided I was not a threat and it went back to eating.

We live about 40 miles by road from mid-town Manhattan, NYC. We have foxes, turkeys, snakes, raccoons, all kinds of birds and the most predatory of animals, the ever present real estate tax collector.

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I have a 5 acre field next door to me that my neighbor keeps for several horses. The pasture is often occupied with 20 or more deer. Last Spring I saw a doe give birth practically at my feet. The field is also filled with Canadian geese. These honkers and the pregnant does bring the red fox. I can’t let my 5 lb puppy outside by herself.

Two tankamin, I was born in Middletown, 65 miles north of NYC.

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