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I Got A Visitor

jeremy m

Jan 2, 2011
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i found this little guy on my bathroom floor,i named him josephine

and that's not the first one i seen in/near my home,i saw one on my wall in my front porch near my front door,i named that one charlie,i saw charlie like 2 months ago/last year 2010,he was same color/size and all as josephine

more info about joephine,charlie and other ghecko lizards,my friend said this in my facebook pic comment:

"If the little #28### has nails on the feet, its a lizard. If it has suction cups, its a gecko. And yes, they are cute. But they eat all kinds of ugly buglies, they are very good to gave around. And in some countries, you are considered blessed when they decide to live with you."

in that case scenario,that's another reason why i saved bunch of $$ on my bug insurance by switching to gecko