How to know if crayfish mating is successful?

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Jan 17, 2022
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Hi! So I put my male cray in my female cray's tank for a few hours now. My male cray started to attack the female in 10 minutes. Apparently I'm fairly new to keeping crays and I got scared and removed the male cray. I immediately talked to the breeder and sent him videos and he told me that this is their pre mating behaviour and I shouldn't have removed the male cray.
So I put my male cray back in the female's tank, hoping they would go at it again. And an hour later, the male very slowly started to follow the female around the tank but the female is very skittish and she didn't want to be anywhere near the male. The male pinned her down a few times but couldn't keep her in the position for more than a few seconds.
After 2 and a half hours, I noticed her finally surrendering and the male managed to keep her pinned like that for almost 10 minutes. I am going to take the male out now because the female is getting stressed and the male has endless energy. He's still keeping an eye on her.
So my question is was their mating successful? Is there any way, any indication of when i should remove the male cray, knowing that they are done?

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