How to anchor pothos?


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Dec 8, 2023
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I got some pothos today to fill out the top space of the aquarium! I liked the way it looked in a friend’s tank because it grows lots of roots at the top of the tank without having to care for 10 million individual delicate floaters (been having trouble with red-roots). His tank had a lot of pothos across the whole surface, so I didn’t even think about how it was attached; I thought it was floating. At the moment I’ve got it suspended from two paperclips and a small chip-clip (genius, I know 😎). I’m sure there’s a better way to do this. How can I keep it right-side up without being confined to the edges of the tank?
I use nylon string to tie the runners up, until they reach a point, that I can put an attachment point… I use brass hooks
These are the pots I use clipped to the top of the tank… these are both pothos, and there is 30 - 40 feet of vine hanging above the tank
On this tank, pothos runs the full length of the back of the tank… 13 pots, and they have been here from 2 weeks, to 3 months… everyone is in training… so none of the runners are long enough to make it to a support hook yet… but 4 of them would be in the water, if I wasn’t tying them up… the closer they get to the light, and the more developed the roots get, the faster they grow… I would suspect a couple more weeks, and several will be long enough to reach the hooks… BTW… I put the hook in where and when they are needed… the plants decide

Hello. I use what is called a "Spa Basket". It's just a small plastic basket with holes in it. I like to add a small air stone and air pump. I place the air stone in among the roots to provide a bit more oxygen. The basket provides initial support for the plant and the roots grow through the holes for added support as the plant grows.

If you are wanting to "free range" them... maybe find a clip, to clip them to the top of the tank... I recently bought a pack of Stainless wire Clothes pins, that I use specifically for aquarium use...

these are similar to what I bought...
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