Hikari Tubifex Worms,22 grams,0.78 ounces.

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Dec 10, 2018
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For years I fed live worms,and one of the best fish foods on Earth,it could be hard to keep alive in the fridge..sometimes they could crawl out of a container. They needed a shallow pan of water or bowl..no lids,because they need to breathe.
Well,that was then and now is now and I had one Angel I noticed..the Male..who would not eat cooked shrimp,beefheart,pellets of any kind. Only would he eat Tetra Flakes. He lived on one or two feeding of that a day. No wonder the female has outgrown him..she eats everything..but beefheart.
So wondering if he might get malnutrition,I dropped $6 bucks on the Hikari. I tell you $6 for not even a single ounce of fish food sounds like caviar pricing. But,it's freeze dried and when I put 3 cubes in a small bowl of water...they quickly swell up. I also can tell you..they smell like Tubifex worms when wet. So,I cant vouch that Hikari only uses live worms... I get the feeling that a percentage of pre processed dead worms are in there-lol. They could clean that up.
Yet, That Angel getting his first taste..liked them. Other fish were more hesitant. Rainbows that eat anything are not that hot for them. Except for M.trifasciatus..go figure. It's been a slow acceptance until now. Things have changed. I still feed them fresh cooked shrimps and pellets and flakes and more...but even the Roseline barbs go on full speed after the Hikari worms...like watching fish eat plankton because the worms are in pieces. The male Angel? He will try to wolf down one hydrated softened cube in one gulp.
You do get quite a few cubes for the price. I would think frozen worms would cost more to feed your fish.

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