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Hikari Tropical First Bites

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Aug 20, 2012
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Hikari Tropical First Bites
I'm a huge fan of Hikari products so when I started raising live bearers (guppy, platy & molly) I turned to Hikari First Bites as a first food. They are essentially micro pellets that are coated so they hold together but they look like powder. A little goes a long way. I had to find a very small scoop in order to really keep from overfeeding with them but once I got used to that it was easy.
In terms of how well they grow fry...my experience was highly positive. I had, of course, had fry in my tank before, but only as a byproduct of having live bearers not as an intentional plan to raise them. Before I used things like baby brine and daphnia. I actually found that the Hikari First Bites produced quicker growth and better color over all.
How long have you owned this product?
  • 8 years
Ease of Use
As mentioned the product was a little difficult to not overfeed. I wish it came with a tiny spoon. Luckily I had one from a reef product so I just stole it for the fry.
  • Lasts a long time.
  • Produces good growth.
  • Produces excellent color.
  • Same high quality as other Hikari products.
  • Micro-pellet design keeps it from dissolving in the water giving the fry more time to consume it. This can help allow smaller, less aggressive fry, a chance to eat.
  • Easy to overfeed.
  • Does not come with a tiny spoon.
  • Would recommend
Hikari first bites fry food.

I've used this product for several spawns of cory over the last couple of years.

It sinks slowly so gets distributed round the tank pretty well
It doesn't foul the water as long as you don't use too much.
You can spot feed using a syringe making it sink faster
My fry do well on it & eat it readily until they're ready for other foods

Unless you have hundreds of fry to feed the amount in the packet is too much for an occasional spawn.
Could do with making a smaller size pack.

Would recommend this product

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