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Aug 16, 2004
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Hello, I'm finally deciding to register with a fish forum, and came across this one first.

I have a 75 gl. tank, very lush with live plants, and quite a few fish. There's 5 blue gourami's, about 4.5" long, 3 dwarf gourami's that are about 1.5", 16 tiger barbs (some of them green), and one Lg. Leopard pleco that's approx. 7".

I also have a small 10 gl tank for "fish in waiting". This one has a few gold tetra' as 'ditherfish', a "Balloon Ram" (short and fat hybrid of Blue Rams), and 2 brand new unknown gourami's (which I'll ask about somewhere else).

I buy most of my fish from a small pet store location in our local mall (Columbia, MD). They often get in some very pretty unusual fish, and have several large rare fish with price ranges in teh $100's, even some fresh water sting rays every now and then. They're a nice store, but I see more ick thru-out they're tanks then I see in other store's. Which is why I have the small tank.

They smaller fish are also staying in the small tank till I get rid of all the barbs.


(Old picture, the turtle was moved to my pond, after eating nearly all of those tigers)



(there's 2 plastic plants in the tanke, that red one (for color), and one big long ass of little leaves, the gourami's like the cover it profides so I left it in there)
wow, wicked pics! good luck with everything....too bad about the turtle- looked really cool in the tank :(

welcome! :)
Thanks for all the friendly welcomes :)

I would love to get a picture of the Ram, but it's near imposible. I hardly get to see him period. He's extremely shy and almost immediatly hides at the site of me. I've tried taking pictures of the two new gourami's in the same tank to see if anyone could tell me what kind they are, and haven't had good results. The Ram would be ridiculously harder. He comes out alot more with the gouramis in there and swims with them, but as soon as I come within' 5 ft. of the tank he hides in the bunch of cabomba. It's a shame :(
:hi: to the forums!!!

Did the turtle have a surface to bask on, or did he do ok without a basking spot? Just curious, i may want to put my painted turtle in with my fish if it's ok.

He did have a basking spot. There was one floating flat thing he could sit one. It was a plastic rock with a ramped side, and it was secured to two poles that stuck to the side and would stay in position, but float w/ the water level. Pretty nice thing I got from my local pet store.

I also put a fake root system that I bought that was meant for reptile set-ups, which meant it floated. He seemed to like that the best. He could hang on it and just stick his head out, or pull himself all the way out of the water though.

He really didn't get out of the water to much though, I guess it was just him. I had two in there for a while. One would ALWAYS sit and bask, and he would ALWAYS hang out under water, even slept on the bottom.
Well... as someone requested, here's a picture of my Balloon Ram. He's a pretty cute little fish. I just bought 2 more normal rams and put them in the 10 Gallon w/ him, along w/ the 2 little dwarf gourami's and 5 gold tetras. Surprisingly, they all get along really well with each other in the small tank. One side is just a big bunch of Cabomba plants, and some small very young swords thru-out the tank.



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