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Feb 18, 2024
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Hey everyone! I'm not new to fishkeeping, but I am new to the forum. My favorite freshwater fish that I have owned so far are apistogramma and yellow rams

Happy to be here!

Here's a pic of my tank back in its heyday. Some rams, gouramis, apistogramma, and some plants. I wanted to do a half planted half open tank where I'd draw little zen shapes in the open sand.

Unfortunately I live in an old building and the tank was sinking into the floor. The power outlets are still on the baseboards, that's how old it is! I noticed the water level starting to lean to one side and that's when I decided it was too risky to keep it set up. One day it'll be back, but for now I'll just have to browse and contribute where I can. Thanks for having me though 😊
If you like to yak about fish and aquariums then you walked in the right door . The Great TFF Forum is great because there’s a lot of daily chatter here . This ain’t no sleepy bunch around here . Glad you found us . Stick around and join the fray . Zen shapes in the sand ? That’s a new one on me but why not . I like your Powder Puff Blue Dwarf Gourami . Yellow Rams ! ? ! ? Never knew there was such a thing . I gotta get out more .
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