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Jul 31, 2004
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The Netherlands/UK
So I had settled for a species only tank, but my zebra danios really need a bigger tank ... it hadnt occured to me to put the danios and dwarf puffers together at all, untill I saw a signature today of someone who Does have them together.

This person has only had them together for about a week though, and couldnt tell me how things would go with those 2 fish in the future ... so now my question, do you think its possible?

Danios are fast swimmers, and I'm thinking they really wouldnt easily let the puffers bother them, but I'd rather be sure of this before putting them together in the future
We kept Dwarf Puffers and neons succesfully together for over a year, the neons were simply too fast for the puffers.

I would think that danios would be the same.

However... we moved our neons, not because they were being hurt, but because we decided that it wasn't fair on them to keep them in a tank where they were under constant preditor threat.
I think I might just give it a try ... see how the puffers and zebras get along ... I'll leave their old tank all set up and running though, so if anything goes wrong or if they get chased too much we can always put them back in their old tank.

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