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Tanya farrell

Fish Fanatic
May 1, 2017
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looking for some frog that are small and easy to look after no special lights or heaters ,
I have had africain and claw frogs just want to know what else I can have , don't want to feed them live food if I can help it . Thank you
The two "frogs" you mention are different from most all others. The normal frogs will spend time in and out of the water, and this is essential. Light isn't very important, but temperature usually is. Most may only eat live food, as it is the movement of the food that triggers feeding. You can sometimes train frogs to eat prepared foods; I used to feed small chunks of squid (you can buy this frozen for fish) and dried beetles, along with occasional live worms and live insects. If you live where winter means no live critters to collect, you will need a local fish store that carries live foods; crickets are ideal, but very small frogs might need wingless fruit flies.
So what frog could I have , I'm happy to feed them dead food , but not live
So what frog could I have , I'm happy to feed them dead food , but not live

I would forget frogs then. I had several species when I was into amphibians, though I never had any of the tiny tropical frogs (they do need live food exclusively). All of them did receive live food--crickets, beetles and small worms--initially and then sporadically once they were trained to "attack" food like the frozen squid I placed on the tip of a piece of broom and waved over them or similar. No frog will go for food that doesn't move, not in my experience anyway. My Red Bellied Toad (the only aquatic toad genus so it is more "frog" than "toad") ate off my fingertip in time; I placed a small chunk of squid on my fingertip and moved it in front of him. He came to recognize my hand as "food" and lived for 19 years.

As I said initially, the two "frogs" you mention are unusual, in being the most "un-frog" of frogs in their maintenance.

Ok , what do you mean un-frog

They are different from all true frogs in almost every respect of maintenance, being fully aquatic. Most think of a "frog" as hopping over the moist land as much as being in water. Being aquatic, it is easier to feed them floating food. This rarely if ever works with other frogs, unless sometimes they can be trained like my toad.
Oh, I never thought of a frog as a pet. I often go fishing and of course I see frogs there, but they did not give me any emotions.
And now the daughter wanted to start a frog as a pet. I have no idea what to feed, I also think that I will give only dead food.

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