Hello I’m new to fancy goldfish keeping

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Apr 12, 2024
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Newcastle England
Hello my name is danni,i changed my tropical fish tank into a goldfish tank , i have 3 fancy goldfish in a 170 litre tank and i replaced gravel with sand about four weeks ago and my ammonia is. Always at 0.25 on my API master test kit i have been doing 50 percent water changer every other day due to my work does anyone have any advice/ tips on how to fix this problem would appreciate it loads so worried .
Hi, and welcome to Fishforums !

What kind of filter do you have ? how big are the fish ?

Goldies are notorious ammonia producers and until your tank completes it's cycle you will have to maintain a military spec water changes schedule. Feed the less you can for the moment. You can consider bacteria starters, but results are mixed with them. Duckweed is a great addition if you have strong light, they love that stuff, and it will help with nitrogen. But not anyone likes it.

Hard water and a turnover of at least 10x per hour is recommended to keep happy goldfish.

On the other hand the API test kit reports 0.25 ppm if there is Chloramine left in the water I use. You can wait a little to see if it climbs over 0.25 and it's really ammonia in the readings... If it persist verify that your tap water conditioner treats chloramine. You can also check what your city's water supply uses on their web page.

Keep the fresh water flowing and at some point when the tank establishes, it will slow down on it own.
Thank you I used a canister filter and I have a flual u4 filter inside the tank, I would say they are medium sized not small or big I’m using api quick start and scheme stability every water change i do
What is the nitrite and nitrate reading?

Some test kits read 0-0.25ppm for ammonia when there is none.
Take a sample of tank water to the local pet shop and get them to test it for you. Take your test kit and test the same sample at the same time. If you get different results one of the kits could be faulty.

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