Guppy having eggs just 20 days after last batch of fry


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Jan 5, 2023
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I recently purchased two large guppy females about 5 weeks ago the tank has no males . The larger female had fry about 30/40 eggs and 7 live fry . The other has hers two days later but just had eggs .

I presume it was due to stress of moving . However today I noticed the large female was behaving like previously hiding and chasing the other fish . But she’s dropping eggs again they are yellower than last time . Water parameters are the same as when I last checked , no changes in the tank , only change is that I feed some frozen brine shrimp last night .

Is it possible it’s been 6 months since last in with a male and she is just realising unfertilised eggs ?
Not sure what you mean by dropping eggs.
Guppies store sperm for later use. So once she has dropped her fry she can be "pregnant" again almost immediately. It is not uncommon for a female to produce 6 or more separate batches of fry without ever seeing a male.
She might have run out of sperm packets or it could be stress related but it's not normal for them to drop eggs. It won't be from the stress of you getting them 5 weeks ago. Any stress related to 5 weeks ago should have gone well before now.

Maybe @emeraldking has more info :)
There could be other factors that makes them stressed despiteof the fact that you've got them already for 5 weeks. Could you give an insight of your water paramteres? And if there are other fish besides those guppies in there?
Yes, it can happen that not the total batch of eggs have been fertilized. But if that happens often, something else it going on.

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