Guppies and Mollies

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Aug 12, 2004
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London, England
I'm a novice and started out my tank with 4 mollies (2 silver, 2 black) - they've had fry and since eaten them (I think it was them, coz the only other fish i had in the tank were cardinal tetras).

I've recently put in 4 guppies and 2 gouramis (all male), but 2 fish have died (1 guppy, 1 tetra)

Is it okay to have mollies, guppies and gouramis in the same tank?
There seems to be more tension now. One of my mollies seems to be the most aggressive.
mollies are semi agressive fish. so they could go with gouramis. What kind of gouramis. btw?

and what size tank do you have?
well i checked in your profile and it said 30... Did you get a new one?

How many us gallons is that? If you can convert it, ill be able to answer your question. But i will tell you that mollies can be very agressive and go on killing streaks. And scence theyre dwarf gouramis, the mollies minght be mean to them as well.

What is the sex of the aggresive mollie?
well they should be fine in a bigger tank. Do you know how to sex them?

well you could always take it back to the lfs, or just get some more mollies, females though. And if that doesnt work you could get a more agressive fish. Once I had an aggresive mollie and well and gave it an african cichlid and it killed it. So if yours is like that one, its best to give it back to the lfs. They minght make it a feeder fish though, i know mine does that now. Any fish you bring in gets feed to the oscars.

and if you still have that 30L tank try to isolate the mollie and pout it in there.

baloon mollies are the nicest ones btw, from what ive herd. maybe you can trade yours in for some of them?
thanks for your help.

I was supposed to be given 1 male and 1 female of each of the black and silver - but i think the silver ones might both be female - it's really hard to tell with them, whereas the Black Mollies are obvious.

Will the mollies kill and eat the cardinal tetras - 2 have gone now. And 1 guppy.

Will i get fish being killed whatever - as i'm new to all this, i'm finding it rather upsetting :) - if it is the mollies i'll rather get rid of them.

I'll go back to the lfs and ask them (but to be honest, each shop i go into tell me different things, so i don't know who to trust).
they probly will. Best bet is to take them back. My mollie that went crazy oce killed of an antire tank of fish.

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