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Gourami - Moonlight

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Oct 25, 2003
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Common Name/s: Moonlight Gourami, Moonbeam Gourami, Thin-lipped Gourami.

Scientific name: Trichogaster microlepis.

Family: Helostomatidae

Origin: S.E. Asia.

Maximum Size: 6" (15cm).

Care: Water conditions are not critical, soft to medium hard, pH 6.2-7.8.Planted tank with gentle circulation and some floating plants to make them feel sucure. Normally quite peaceful, but may become territorial with other gouramis or similar fish. 25-29C (77-84F).

Feeding: Omnivorous, most foods accepted.

Sexing and Breeding: The male will build a large bubblenest. During spawning, the colour of the threadlike ventral fins becomes intense and will change from orange to red. The tank should be heavily planted so the female may hide if the male shows any aggression until ready to spawn. Once the mating is over, remove the female as the male will guard the nest. The males have the classic, larger, more pointed dorsal fin. Pelvic fins of males may show orange-red colour to.

Comments: Although not as colourful as other members of the genus, this fish is not one to be over looked. Its striking silver colouration stands out in a well planted tank.
My moonlight gouramis.

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