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Gourami - Honey

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Spinning around
Oct 25, 2003
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Common Names: Honey Gourami.

Scientific name: Colisa chuna.

Family: Belontiidae.

Origin: Bangladesh.

Maximum Size: 2 inches (5 cm).

Care: Requires peacful companions as it is a shy fish. PH 6 to 7.5, soft and nitrates and ammonia levels kept low. Only requires a small tank of 10-20 gallons, or a long, lightly stocked 5 gallon. Provide planting and hiding places. Peaceful, suitable for community tanks, dosen't do well with boisterous companions.

Feeding: Omnivore, will accept most commercail foods, but relishes frozen foods like Bloodworm and Brineshrimp.

Sexing and Breeding: A rather messy bubble nest is built compared to other species, the eggs are kept in a single very tight clump at the centre of the construction. Courtship is also a little different, with the male standing on his tail, with his nose pointing towards the surface. His colours are hieghtened even more at this time, and hes spreads all his fins to the out most and wags his body to and fro. The fry are tiny so feed small fry foods regularly through out the day in small portions. Keep the aqarium clean as any uneaten food will quickly cause a deteriation in water quality. Males are usually more colourful than females, but youngsters show little colour so buy a group.

Comments: A lovely, peaceful little fish that does well in the common community and shows great colours when mature.


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Some images of the Honey gouramis, featuring it's natural wild coloration.



Just thought, you'd like to see Honey gouramis that were not a man-made color morph.

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