Glo Tubes (t5 Ho) Combination - Planted Tank With Co2


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Apr 17, 2007
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Milton Keynes, UK
Hi All,

I need to replace my 2 T5's in my tank as both are now pretty old.

Ive previously used glo tubes but cant remember which 2 I had, I believe one was a power glo and other was possibly a life glo.

As im now replacing them im wondering what combination would be best for my planted tank, running Co2 etc. If I recall when I got the tank the lights that I had made the water look pretty red. I personally prefer a brighter cleaner look but understand thats maybe not what the plants would prefer! ( I think thats whay I originally changed one bulb for a power glo)

so - what 2 bulbs would give a brighter looking aquarium whilst still benefiting the plants? the power glo has a high K rating which I know can cause algae?

My reflectors are also in need of a change, they are starting to crack - other than the default fluval ones - will the arcadia reflectors fit a vicenza 180 ?


Life Glo is the brighter white light, Arcadia make good T5's too though you'd have to order them online..

Personally, i'd go for Arcadias but failing that... two life glos
Thanks MBOU - maybe its a life glo and power glo I have?

would 2 life glos be sufficient for plant growth?

with regards to the Arcadias, no problem with ordering online, which ones would you go for?
Ive also noticed that Hagen now sell Power-Glo, Life-Glo - and then two other bulbs, Fluval Life Spectrum and Fluval Power Spectrum

they look identical to the glo product ? are they the same? both listed as T5 HO with same bulb specifications, am I missing something?

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