Get Fish She Says!


Apr 10, 2012
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West Midlands, UK
"Yeah, get fish 'cause I'll get attached to anything else and be really upset if it were to die." Said my girlfriend.

Now, in my original tank, I had 5 Gold Zebra Danios. One died a LONG time ago now and that left me with the 4. They've been perfectly happy but I wasn't aloud to take them back to the LFS to swap for some store credit of some more neon Tetras since they're stressing out my other fish. Why? Because she went and got bloody attached to the little guys! I know they're active all the time and they add a different flavour to the tank but I can see my other fish say to each other: "Bloomin' heck Keith, they're only at it again." Said Hendrix the male dwarf Gourami, "I know, Hendrix - they give me a right head ache," replied Keith Moon, the Bristlenose pleco. "Plus one!" Cried James Bond the Assassin Snail from the underside of one of the Amazon Sword leaves. :rolleyes:

So what do I do? She wont allow them to go back to the store because conditions are less than ideal there and they were the original additions to my fish tank. I'm kinda fond of them too but when it comes down to food, the Tetras, the Gouramis and the bachelor Guppy come afterwards. They're not bullies by any stretch of the imagination, they just like their food. They even swim round with catfish pellets in their mouths, regardless of the fact they're too big to swallow and are also partial to a growing pleco's half an algae tab every other day! :blink:

I have put them up as a give away on a couple sites but I think people know what Danios are like :p That and they need at least a 3.5ft long tank. They're healthy and less than a year old, the whole caboosh but no takers. They're not doing much harm but I'd rather keep them in a species tank with lots of their own kind than as a four in my smallish tank. They're not doing much harm but I swear they'll give my Gouramis a nervous disposition by the time the week is up. :unsure: Just do it and break it to her gently?

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