German Blue Ram - Female problems


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Oct 31, 2020
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Firstly hello,

Saw a post with a template so thought it would be easier to do it like that too:

1. Water parameters. (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, PH, temp', Hardness etc)

A/N 0 Ni liquid being added
ph around 6.9-7
Hardness 120
Temp 27.7

2. A full description of the fishes symptoms.
Female GBR is pale/grey and her eye is also black. She swims very skittishly and is afraid of the Male with her. He seems very healthy and strong, but chases her and seems to ‘attempt’ to nip her. This results in her darting away from him.

3. How often you do water changes and how much.
Weekly 15% (100L 26gal

4. Any chemicals and treatments you add to the water.
Only tapsafe for water treatment - macro micro nutes added and co2 injection

5. What tank mates are in the tank.
9 harlequin rasbora
12 ember tetra
4 otos
8 Amano shrimp
3 nerite snails
1 assassin

6. Tank size.

100L / 26 gal

7. Finally Have you recently added any new fish?

nope this has been going on for a while. I am debating whether to get another female to see if they pair and I can remove the other.
My tank is heavily planted and they have plenty of hiding places. The Male does purposely chase her. They did once do the mating dance and lay eggs when I first got them, but it has been a downward spiral since then.

Thanks for any help in advance