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Apr 22, 2004
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Hey guys,
so its been a while since ive posted here

the reason being is that i had to give away all my fish and tanks
which included
my Dwarf Cichlid breeding pairs of Blue/Gold/Bolivian rams/Keyhole Cichlids in a 25gal for each species/fry
a main 40 gal planted community, with various schools of tetras,corys,loaches,dwarf cichlids,eels
breeding bristlenose catfish in their own 25gal
two Plakat Bettas
and all my fry tanks

its been a good experience to keep all these fish and learn so much,
but i would mostly like to thank all of those here that helped me so much to go from a whiny kid who thought he knew everything(and he actually didnt), to a knowledgable teenager who now actually knows quite a few things.

I gave my fish to various people and the LFS and gave the tanks away to the local primary school, so i know theyre being treated well where ever they are

I'll still post here and give as much advice back as i can :)
Nice of u to have given your tanks to a good cause and found good homes for your fish. I did the same a long time ago. Started in the hobby when I was 12 years old till my late teens. (Boys became my hobby then) 20 years later I'm back into it like crazy and loving it more than ever. There's always so much to learn. Bet u got a girlfriend??? :hey:
i would give up my gf than my tank :wub: no woman will ever get between me and my tank , unless its angelina jolie, then I might rethink :/
Bummer to hear you're out of the hobby! Good for you to be such a good person giving them to good causes and people!
Aw DD, thats no good champ. Hope to see you back in the game soon. Im noisy too, what prompted the sudden give-aways? Got store credit I hope! :p
Wow, that's a bummer. :( MTS has no cure, it may go into remission, but it's sure to appear again. Sometimes you need a break, especially if you have been breeding.
i would give up my gf than my tank :wub: no woman will ever get between me and my tank , unless its angelina jolie, then I might rethink :/

see you think that but it aint always that easy.

set up a high maintenance tank a few years ago, then got into a long distance relationship and was never around at the weekends any more, the community did fine but i was struggling with the other one so had to give it up.

wish I'd have given the fella up now though but you just don't know how thigns are gonna pan out at the time!

If you truly believe you've met the person you wanna spend your life with you'll give up anything for them.

If you've truly met the person your gonna spend your life with you won't have to.

about 7 years ago i gave up (or rather sold) my 200+ litre tropical set up. I was going to University and thought it to be unfair to palm it off on to my parents. But, the bug doesn't go away and, even as a student, i use to wander the tropical fish sections of pet shops and garden centres looking at the fish.

now, 3 degree's later, i've bought a small 35 litre tank to start off and no doubt I will get a larger one once i get a place of my own.
hehe, im sure i'll get back into it in a later stage of my life

right now, the main reasons for giving them away is because i have to focus more on school and other things etc, and i find that i dont always have the time to take care of them as often as i did before, so before anything could get out of hand, i gave them to better homes :)

thanks for all the comments guys :D

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