Fresh water plants


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Mar 24, 2023
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Do certain fish have preferences for live plants? Is there any database or list about this?
There are a number of benefits that plants provide for certain fish species, but in most cases these benefits can be provided by artificial plants or sometimes other types of decor. I am here thinking primarily of cover and/or shade. Most all of the tetras for example come from forest streams and creeks or rivers, and almost all of these are permanently shaded by overhanging vegetation, forest canopy, or floating plants. Floating plants on the water surface can provide this cover very easily in an aquarium. Or you could have decor at the surface that achieves the same benefit.

Some species, especially the anabantoids but also many upper level small fish, utilize floating plants to make bubblenests for spawning. The roots of floating plants also provide live microscopic food.

Live plants however do provide something that nothing artificial can, and that is better water quality. Plants assimilate ammonia/ammonium rapidly, and they can take up a lot of it. And nitrite and nitrate do not result from this as they do when nitrifying bacteria are involved.

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