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Found Another Oddball Malawi

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Jan 6, 2006
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Just got back from maidenhead aquatics in hereford and was very impressed with the choice some i took a liking to especially 1 its a astatotilapia calliptera which in the ad koning book comes under mbuna but looks like a hap

Anyone know anything about these.
I have never seen these fish for sale before so I don't have any experience with them. But I just checked the ad konings book and I have to say that its a great looking fish. I really like the way that the egg spots are in a line on the anal fin rather than in a bunch.

For those of you who don't have the book you can check out the fish at this link.

Oddball malawi!!!

edit: cheffi you beat me to it on that reply!
:hey: Bit of a difference in the colouration tho, but a lovely looking fish nonetheless. Well found adam. How much were they?
Think they were about £10.00 each .That link says there malawi but look like the Victorian same as the name i know they have Victorian cichlids in hotels in kenya and they call them tilapia and apparently they taste great.

Going to do a bit more research if its good i may try some.
The other fish was a Pseudotropheus sp. "Elongatus Ruarwe" first time i have seen these and some melanochromis that were labeled as northern blue but where like nothing i can find
On CF says they are Victoria Basin also subgenus of haplochromis. At £10 if I had room I would have fancied a few. Nice fish.
Found out a bit more, apparently they are more than capable of handling mbuna in fact as an adult can even be to aggressive ( cant see it myself though ).

So i think im going to give them a try, just got to get rid of some excess males ( free fish anyone ) and the yellow labs ( 2males 2female dont stop breeding !)

Heres a pic and even this does not do justice to the colours.
Looks like i got the name wrong the fish are astatotilapia brownae which is a victorian but can be mixed with mbuna so next week i have 1m-3f going in should be an interesting mix.

will Post a pic when there home :D

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