Florida Aquarium Fish Expo (june 2013)


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Jun 2, 2011
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I'm proud to announce the Florida "Aquarium Fish" Expo for June of 2013 in Fort Myers, Florida. This show is open to all species of tropical fish and includes vendors, speakers, field trips, and a huge auction of live tropical fish from around the world.

Link to the Expo Website:

If you look at our website there is a Registration page.

Expo Registration
1. Gets you in to see all the speakers.
2. Allows you to show fish at $3 per fish.
3. Allows you to auction your fish for a 70/30 split instead of 50/50.
4. Gives preferred status for auction seller registration.
5. Gets you access to Friday night pasta buffet.
6. First 200 registrations get a SWAG BAG with great gifts from our sponsors.

Saturday Night Banquet Registration
1. You get to attend the banquet dinner.
2. You get to see the special speaker from the Florida Aquaculture Lab
3. Other special surprises will be announced at the dinner.

Vendor Registration
If you want to be a vendor you buy a table space that includes the table and chairs. This allows you to advertise or sell your products. No water displays in vendor area.

Snookin21 Field Trip Registration
1. Luxury coach trip to Snookin21's fish house.
2. You can buy from Snookin21 and he will ship fish home if you need.
3. Includes lunch at Snookin21's place.

Collecting Trip Registration
1. A guided bus trip to Lakes Park to collect Florida Native Species.
2. Snacks and drinks included.

Fish Show Class Sponsorship
1. Sponsor a specific fish show category

Fish Show Entry Requires Expo Registration
1. Enter your fish or art into the show to be judged for a chance to win a cash prize