Flashing and lesion? on molly

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Aug 21, 2022
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I’ve had my 240l for about 3 months now, it cycled quickly due to moving filter media and rocks from the previous tank. I’ve worked hard to keep the substrate and water condition in great shape with regular large water changes and sand cleaning, and my API test readings are always good, nitrates kept at 10 and below.
Since introducing (and not quarantining) some new fish a few weeks ago though I have definitely introduced something unsavoury and can’t work out what :( I have lost 3 guppies with no obvious cause and my male molly has been flashing for a few weeks. I added salt though only at 1% as I have cories. After a couple of weeks the flashing was worse (otherwise fine in himself eating etc) so I used the anti fluke and worm treatment (removed active carbon) and still no better so I’m guessing it wasn’t that. He is basically sat on the sand all day long, not showing any lethargy but it appears to be more for comfort as he then flashes intermittently.
Today I have seen this mark appear on one side - it looks more like a scratch where scales have come off / a lesion, but I think it maybe spots or fungus? I don’t want to keep medicating without knowing what it is, but I think I need to get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately I can’t get a great photo of him. If you think it might help then I can keep trying! From what I've read it won't be ich if it isn't tiny spots spreading, I then thought columnaris but I’ve read that wouldn’t have survived 1% salt…
I feel like I need to reduce the salt gradually now as it has been 3 weeks and I have cories.


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