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Dec 9, 2006
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New Hartford, NY
Hey everyone,

I have recently put white sand on the bottom of my aquarium, and I've run into one small problem: I can see fish crap everywhere! What can I do about this? It's just sitting everywhere, all over the bottom!

I have the exact same problem and it's pretty disgusting :(

The only things i can come up with is A) cleaning the substrate more and B) lots of low-growing plants to cover the substrate
How do you clean it? I have a gravel vacuum but I'm afraid that it's too powerful and will suck the sand up!
Try using the gravel vac in a figure of eight motion just above the sand to try and get enough movement of water to swirl it up.
Or, take the vac end off the pipe and just use that above the sand. You will lose a bit of sand but it gets rid of the muck.
Or, buy a very small weak filter place it on its side about 3 inches off the sand and see if that can move the surface up without disturbing the sand too much and maybe the filters will have more chance getting it.
Every 2-4 weeks, depending on your fish load and available time, a good skimming of the sand should be performed. A small vinyl hose works well, about the inner diameter of a garden hose. Just hook the hose up to a faucet pump and siphon up the surface detritus. You may siphon a lot of sand the first couple of tries, a little practice is all it takes. Just keep the end of the hose about ½" away from the sand and quickly siphon up the fish waste. No need to remove or re-arrange the rocks, just get all the visible sand areas. Try to get the entire "visible" sand floor.
There is alot of movement in my tank and the poo get pushed into a cave were there is not as much water movement. So all the poo is in one place to siphone up. I just use a hose not a gravel vac as it is much more powerful.
Hope this helps :good:

What inhabitants do you have in your tank? I have sand in all my tanks and all I do is keep a school of Bronze Cories and their constant rumaging around keeps the sand crystal. If ur tank is bigger Hoplo Cats do the same job in my bigger tank. Just a suggestion, of course it may not be feesable to add more fish or u may not like those fish mentioned.
I have a platy and three guppies in a ten gallon.

I got some air hose stuff, about the diameter of a #2 pencil. I just suck on the other end to get the water going and it sucks the poo right off the floor of the tank, no problem.

Thanks for the tips guys.

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